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8th-Dec-2008 07:51 pm
KAT-TUN [kame - guitar hero]
November + December has been realllly busy, but in good ways.

I FINALLY GOT MY CAR!. Or, at least, the car that I have paid for is in Calgary. In the end they ended up upgrading me and giving me a discount, since my dealer STILL couldn't find the car. >_>;; But it's the colour I wanted but wasn't willing to pay for, so it's all good. However, I can't pick it up because yesterday it snowed 20 cm and the roads are HORRIBLE. So hard shovelling snow >_>;;;

Vegas was fantastic, and once I get all the pictures uploaded, I'll do a post with them. Staying at a 5-star hotel was a little odd though. I kept looking around and thinking 'I can't BELIEVE we can afford this.' Also, despite our crap dollar, the shopping was awesome and cheaper than here. ♥. And I got ID'd every time I walked through the casino area[s] without my parents. Oh, life.

I'm on my own at work now, and except for my first night when my patient deteriorated, it's been fine. Everyone on the bad night said I did well though... no outward panicking just inward freaking out... :D
9th-Dec-2008 03:17 pm (UTC)
hey there ^_^.

Didn't know u went vegas for holiday...must be grand ^_^
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