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8th-Jan-2009 01:32 am
KAT-TUN [kame - *_*]
lj-tags: regular life

  • 02:59 @akaihane That is a bit silly. Kallen seems like more of a boy's name to me if you were using it AND you were a native English speaker... #
  • 03:03 Also, welcome to North America Mikael Backlund! I'd say I'm sorry tha tyou only have a silver medal... but I'm not. #
  • 03:14 @akaihane Well at least the rest of the dub is good? #
  • 12:40 @cyberslowpoke You're in class already?? The U of C doesn't start until monday... #
  • 16:56 *squee* Parisian Lights Quad!!! #
  • 17:02 Also, I am buying backups of the things I like this time. No crazy searching at different malls for this collection. #
  • 17:06 The hell LJ, so many emergency maintenance things. AGAIN. #
  • 17:18 Ohh, working again. Please stay up, LJ. I complain but I don't know what I'd do if you went down for good T__T. #
  • 18:19 Everytime I think my FB f-list is done reading Twilight, someone else psots about it on their status. Is there somethign I'm missing? #
  • 19:13 Starbucks's berry Chai is tasty. #
  • 19:41 LE Makeup is WORSE than LE JE crap... because one the makeup is gone... it's GONE. At least if I buy an LE single it's there FOREVER... #
  • 20:05 Ugh, I have never been so impatient for a CKT download before. Or wished I knew my Clubbox password. XD; #
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